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Below are comparisons between my favorite iPhone photo apps. I wanted to show the difference each one can produce. Each app is capable of doing so much more than what I’ve done here. However, my goal was to simply make my favorite version of the photo, not do do everything the app could do.

Original file

Here is the original file, straight out of the iPhone. Side note: I’m using the iPhone 3G but can’t wait to get my hands on the vastly improved camera of the iPhone 4.

Best Camera
Best Camera

Best Camera is easily my most-used app. I’m not sure this particular photo is the best example of what it can do, but I tend to lean towards it the most. On this one I added two levels of vignette to add some mood to the photos and accentuate the bright part of the center.

Shake-it Photo

Out of all the “Polaroid” apps on the iTunes store, I like ShakeItPhoto the most. I don’t go for the instant camera look often, but when I do, I always love the results of this app. Plus it has the novel user interface where you actually shake your phone to develop the photo, just like the real thing.


CameraBag has a wide variety of looks available but one of my favorite, especially for landscape shots, has always been “Magazine.” CameraBag was my first photo edited app on the iPhone but over time I find I use it less and less. It still has some great looks, though they aren’t very customizable.


CameraKit allows more customization than CameraBag, but does it in a way that is very easy to understand. For anyone looking to push beyond basic filters available in some apps, CameraKit is a great place to start.

Unfortunately I’ve never found an app that will make up for not taking interesting photos. So work on that first. Shoot like crazy and you’ll come out with some great stuff.

So which apps am I missing? What’s your favorite for iPhone photography.

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