Mobile Studio

February 25th, 2010 by Chad Wright Leave a reply »

Part of what I love about iPhone photography is the convenience of it all. Even though I post photos almost daily, I don’t take a new one every day. The way my schedule usually works is I’ll take five or six good ones all at once and then not shoot anything else for a few days. This works better for me because some days simply involve sitting in my office working and those days don’t always make for the best photos.

I was thinking of this as I was sitting in front of my kids’ school just now waiting to pick them up. The entire process of shooting for TinyLens starts with an iPhone photo, then I process them using apps on the iPhone, then I upload them from the iPhone. As I sat in front of their school, I was able to go back through the past few days worth of photos, process and edit them, and prepare them for posting here in the next week.

All that from a phone. And to think this kind of process wasn’t possible even a couple of years ago. Where will we be in another two?

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